Capital of the canton, Saint-Martin-de-Signanx is also the largest municipality (4500ha for nearly 5000 inhabitants). To the north, the dOrx Marsh Nature Reserve represents a major European migratory stage. In the south, the Adour River and its barthes (wetlands) are also the subject of major ecological interest, in particular by the Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE), which manages, protects and enhances the site.

Depending on the season, the forests of pines, oaks, alders, chestnuts, acacias… allow hiking, gathering (porcini, chestnuts…) or hunting (palombe, woodcock…). The farms that dot the landscape live from the cultivation (cereals, market gardening, fairground…) and the breeding of poultry, as well as cattle (agricultural comice in August).

Saint-Martin-de-Signanx has 2 “centres”, 2 kilometres away: The old town with the church, the town hall and the shops (Jean Rameau market square). and the new neighborhood with school, post and other services. From one to the other, sports facilities (stadiums, skate park, left wall, boulodrome…) and communal gardens betray Saint-Martin-de-Signanx’s attachment to its associative fabric.

Whether they are hosts, gardeners, farmers, biologists, breeders, nurserymen, fishermen or hunters… the people of Saint-Martinois have a privileged relationship with the environment. Hence the marked hiking loops in the forest or the barthes, the local cuisine (restaurants, markets, AMAP, producers…) and accommodation in a “natural charm” way: campsites on the farm, bed and breakfast, cottages…


47 Place Oyon-Oion

40390 Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx


Tél : 05 59 56 60 60