Discovery walks in perspective ? Want to put on your tennis shoes to breathe? Or do you just have ants in your legs? We keep at your disposal ; information about walks, bike rides, here and there (south coast of the Landes and Basque Country), as well as major hiking routes like the Velodrome, Scandinavian (Compostela). Maps, descriptive data sheets, GPS coordinates… To you the tracks and paths of Ondres, Tarnos and Seignanx!


Cycling is the ideal way to discover the Seignanx. First of all because the territory is flat, it has long and wide bike paths, and finally because the pines shelter from the wind, the sun or possible raindrops.
Starting from Tarnos or Ondres, going up the Landes coast, it is very easy to walk on slopes in the direction of Labenne (10 km), Capbreton (20 km)…. Children can move freely because this section is completely secure in the forest.

Always from Tarnos or Ondres, going down towards the Basque coast, the route leads straight to Bayonne (10 km) or Anglet (20 km)… However, some sections are not in their own site, such as in the municipality of Boucau. Cyclists must therefore travel along the road at times.

Carte Seignanx

To facilitate your discovery of the Seignanx by bike, we have defined 4 loops in Tarnos and Ondres. You will find the details of these walks (level of difficulty, distance, plots, PDF file, GPS coordinates, landmarks, photos…) on our cartographic site: SEIGNANX CARTO on which you can also spot playgrounds, picnic areas, restaurants… You don’t have a bike? No problem, you can rent them directly on site. Bike rentals offer to rent for half a day, a whole day or during your entiere stay.


LA VÉLODYSSÉE is the French part of EuroVélo 1, a European cycle route that connects Norway to Portugal. In France, he left Roscoff to join Hendaye. In the moors, La Vélodyssée takes the cycle path along the coast from Biscarrosse to Tarnos. It meanders through the pine forest and connects the beaches . You will find the details of this itinerary, the accommodations labeled “Home Bike” that mark it on the dedicated site :

SCANDINAVIA is the French part of EuroVélo 3, a European cycle route that connects Norway to Spain. In France, it left Maubeuge to join Hendaye. From here you can continue to the Basque country (Urt — Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port) or reach Bayonne and the Vélodyssée along the Adour. You will find the details of this itinerary, the accommodations labeled “Home Bike” that mark it on the dedicated site:


From the simple family stroll to the loop for hiking experts, there is something for all levels ! And also for every taste : walking loops that weaves under the pine trees, on a flat and sandy land, on the coastal side. Little hills, deciduous forests, lakes and rivers, countryside…

Sentiers pédestres

To make your discovery of the Seignanx on foot easier, the tourism office offers around ten loops for walking. You will find the details of these walks (level of difficulty, distance, outlines, PDF file, GPS coordinates, pinpoints and pictures…) on our MAP, that also clarifies where the playgrounds, picnic spots, water points, etc are located.


The Littoral Way, which runs along the Landes coast from Sanguinet to Tarnos, crosses the Seignanx from north to south. It is the natural extension of the Soulac Way, known as the English Way. The local route is available on the Seignanx Map.
Ondres and Tarnos are the last two towns on the Landes coast before reaching Bayonne and the Basque country. The Littoral Route is perfectly marked. You will find the list of updated accommodations and many information on the way by visiting the website of the friends of Saint-Jacques des Landes.
Know that the Village Vacances Touristra welcomes pilgrims from Easter to Toussaint. Particularly well located (10 kilometers before the Bayonne cathedral), the staff has all the information useful to pilgrims and offers a comfortable accommodation (fully equipped tourist chalet) at a reduced rate (upon presentation of the credential).

Leaving Tarnos and the Landes coast, the Littoral Route leads to the Bayonne Cathedral. Information about the routes and accommodations are available on the Friends of Saint Jacques of the Atlantic Pyrenees website: at the heart of the path.


To conclue, hiking enthusiasts are invited to speak to the staff of the  Office, who will be able to advise you on all walks on foot or by bike  of the territory: Do not hesitate!